Inheritance Tax Planning

Mature CoupleInheritance Tax (IHT) is regarded by many as the cruellest of taxes. Having spent your whole life paying tax on earned and investment income, another 40% of all assets you have amassed over the tax-free threshold, will be claimed back by HMRC.

Opportunities exist to legitimately reduce, or even eliminate, the impact of Inheritance Tax on your family. Left unchecked, IHT could be the largest bill that you ever pay.

In order to establish whether Inheritance Tax is an issue for you and your family, you should first calculate the combined value of your assets. Remember, everything that you own, from your family home down to your wristwatch, can count as part of your estate.

If you feel that IHT is an issue of concern you should contact us immediately. Taking good, early action could save your family a significant amount of tax.

The FCA do not regulate some forms of inheritance tax planning.